Right Consumers. Right Insights.

CASA Demographics is a leading service provider for marketing research of Hispanics and cultural minorities in the USA. We cultivate a deep understanding of the profile mix that each project requires, delivering the right consumers for the insights you need.

Nationally Hispanic. Locally Priced.

A highly scalable grass roots model allows us to efficiently recruit Hispanics and other culturally-defined consumers across the country when and where they are needed for a specific in-person project, allowing for faster turnarounds and an affordable cost basis.

On Time.

On Budget.

Decades of cultural & research experience, stringent acculturation criteria and advanced communication tools with respondents allow us to consistently complete projects on time, on budget, with superb results and very satisfied clients.

Defining Cultural Marketing Research Everyday.

Good marketing research of a cultural group such as Hispanics requires delving further beyond race, language or nationality. We build recruitment samples on a granular level to deeply reflect every aspect of the target demographic needed, always utilizing stringent acculturation criteria. Our team of cultural research experts understands that each profile spec is a key ingredient in a successful project recipe. Experience in research for a wide array of industries gives us an understanding of how to best interpret product-related requirements for a specific cultural segment. The end result for you is engaging research with an unparalleled quality of insights.


Completing projects with quick turnarounds is extremely routine for us. And when it comes to communication, we respond to every client request in less than 1 hour (regardless of your time zone).


Our execution process ensures things are done right from the get go, covering each project’s specs, screening and deliverables in a comprehensive way that provides you with peace of mind.


Sure we conduct cultural research well, but what keeps our clients coming back is a trusted working relationship based on superb service, great communication and consistent results.

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